Sunday, October 17, 2010



DooWahDiddy: Hey

QTpi: Sorry about your dad

DooWahDiddy: Thanks

QTpi: He was one of the good guys.

DooWahDiddy: Thanks

QTpi: I really liked him

DooWahDiddy: Yeah, I was kind of attached to him too

QTpi: He was my favorite teacher I ever had

DooWahDiddy: He loved his job. He loved kids. He knew (and remembered) every single kid's name that was ever in his class.

QTpi: Wow

DooWahDiddy: Yeah. I didn't inherit that skill.

QTpi: How are you doing?

DooWahDiddy: I have a beard.

QTpi: Oh
QTpi: Is that supposed to mean something?

DooWahDiddy: When life gets hairy, so do I

QTpi: Ha

DooWahDiddy: It's something I do. I noticed it my freshman year of college. I think it has something to do with me wanting to have control over something.
DooWahDiddy: I can't control my life, but I can control how much hair I have on my face.

QTpi: When are you heading this way?

DooWahDiddy: My flight leaves tomorrow at 2pm

QTpi: We'll have to hook up

DooWahDiddy: I've been wanting to hook up with you for years

QTpi: Haha. Nice try old man.

DooWahDiddy: Can't blame a guy for trying.

QTpi: I already learned my lesson with you

DooWahDiddy: What?

QTpi: You're the reason your brother broke up with me.

DooWahDiddy: Really?

QTpi: Yep.

DooWahDiddy: Really?

QTpi: He did not like take kindly to that photo shoot.

DooWahDiddy: Oh.
DooWahDiddy: I didn't know that.

QTpi: Yeah

DooWahDiddy: What didn't he like? I still believe those pictures are still some of my best work. And you were so beautiful in them!

QTpi: Oh he liked the pictures. He just didn't like how naked I was.

DooWahDiddy: We could only see your back

QTpi: Yeah, but i was basically naked on set . . .

DooWahDiddy: You were wrapped in a sheet! I never saw anything!

QTpi: I know. And I told him that. Didn't really matter. At that point in our relationship you actually had gotten further with me than he had. I never particularly trusted Sean.

DooWahDiddy: Sorry. Didn't mean to complicate your life.

QTpi: It's okay. In the end your brother was a giant, jealous toolbag.
QTpi: No offense.
QTpi: Sorry. We shouldn't even be talking about this right now.

DooWahDiddy: What should we be talking about?

QTpi: I don't know. It just seems kind of . . . petty? with everything that's going on.

DooWahDiddy: Don't worry about it
DooWahDiddy: It's just nice to talk to someone

QTpi: You should bring your camera

DooWahDiddy: I never leave home without it

QTpi: I'd love for you to take my picture again

DooWahDiddy: It's a date

QTpi: No it's not

DooWahDiddy: LOL
DooWahDiddy: I should probably get back to packing

QTpi: K

DooWahDiddy: I'll call you when I get into town

QTpi: Talk to you later!

DooWahDiddy: Hey

QTpi: Yeah?

DooWahDiddy: I don't actually have anyone to pick me up

QTpi: I can do that!

DooWahDiddy: Cool. Maybe we could grab a bite to eat, too

QTpi: Cool

DooWahDiddy: I'll text you when I find out what time I'm arriving

QTpi: Looking forward to it



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